Bicycle Fits

Proper fit to your bicycle allows you to truly enjoy the ride! Whether a brand new bicycle or one you have had for a decade, ensuring you have the proper fit is a must to maximize your cycling enjoyment. We are highly trained with bicycle fits and offer two fit services to ensure proper bike fit for your needs. We use a Feedback Sports Omnium Over-Drive trainer for all bicycle fits as it is compatible with any bicycle and offers the best real road feel of any stationary trainer. 

quick fit

$45 — free with bike purchase

This is for the rider who is looking to make sure seat height and seat fore/aft are in the right position as well as handlebars are within proper reach. We cater this fit to the person who has received a fit before or who is not experiencing any discomfort on the bike, but wants to confirm and dial in position. When you buy a bike at Rhoddie, we provide this fit at no additional cost!

pro fit


This fit is much more comprehensive than the Quick Fit. With this fit, we start off of the bike — getting to know the rider, riding history, style, preferences, injuries, etc. and document current fit measurements for later comparison. We will check cleats and ensure they are in the correct position before getting on the bike. Once on the bike, we have the rider warm up for about 5 minutes as we observe. We then check saddle position and make recommendations and changes as necessary. Then, we move to the cockpit to assess hand position and reach. Typically, we remove handlebar tape and make changes to shifter position and bar angle as well as stem height. Swapping bars and stems out for better shapes and lengths are common too. This process can also take some trial period so our Pro Fit includes up to three return visits so the rider has time to assess position and make sure the changes are beneficial for the riding you do!